There’s a great article in the newest Sunset magazine about decorating for Christmas “modern” style. I love it. Everything is crisp, clean, and new. (Stay tuned for cut-out wall snowflakes!) Though my rendition of their advent “calendar” isn’t quite as crisp, it sure was fun to make and I can’t wait for the boys to wake up tomorrow and check it out.

Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine - Rebekah-style

And a few more pics:

And it only cost me $10.70! Okay, okay…I had a few things on hand, but even the things I had on hand were cheap. (Favor boxes: $1/100, ribbon: $1/roll – probably used about $.50 worth) I bought a hole punch for the numbers with a 40% off coupon at Michael’s, scrapbook paper on sale for $.50, and two boxes of mini ornaments (to replace each box opened) for $3.00.

I’ve wanted to make an advent calendar since the Judester was born. I’m hoping it will get more thoughtful as the years go on. Let’s face it, I’m 8 months pregnant. At least I got it done before December 1st! Right now we have a little gift for each of them in each box. Things like plastic dinosaurs and every five days, chocolate goodness. I’m going to keep my eyes open for other things to put in there as the month unfolds and will hopefully replace all of the plastic animals (which is all I had on hand tonight – I just wanted to get them done!) But really, what we’d like is to work through the month with a part of God’s Great Story each day, foretelling the birth of Jesus. Eventually we could put things in the boxes that signify Creation, the story of Abraham, etc. And then, on the 25th, for this year anyway, we’ll wrap up a little toy baby and share the story of Jesus being born and how He is the greatest gift to mankind. Better than anything else under the Christmas tree. How great is our God to give us gifts! But the best is His Son.

With two little boys and another on the way, this is already my favorite Christmas yet. Merry Christmas everyone!