Oh man. Mike took a picture of our meal tonight and it just didn’t do it justice! I made Mediterranean quinoa for the first time tonight. Yum, yum, triple yum. I had so much fun making this healthy dinner in my new kitchen tonight. I had a glass of wine, cranked Miles Davis, and went to town. The recipe came from my “Feeding the Whole Family” cookbook. Some of the yummy ingredients? Quinoa, of course. Mint, Italian parsley, fresh lemon juice, currants, feta, and green onions. I served with a salad, homemade miso dressing, and crusty bread (which I vow will be the last store-bought dinner bread I buy! Too expensive!). Mike made a table for our kitchen and we ate there tonight with our pretty white plates. And guess what else? I made extra quinoa and have a starter dough fermenting for a couple loaves of whole grain bread I’m going to attempt to make tomorrow. Woot! Loving my new kitchen, can you tell?