I’ve been reading a great book recently that pretty much sums up (way better then I ever could) the horn I’ve been tootin’ about there being gospel in a loaf of bread. The book is called A Meal with Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community, & Mission Around the Table and it’s by Tim Chester. Readers, read this book! So often we look for ways to “do mission,” “be on mission,” do more, be more, start something new… Friends, eat meals with people and by doing so, if you love Jesus, you will naturally talk about him. Simple.

An excerpt:

It’s so good to be reminded that the table is a very ordinary place, a place so routine and everyday it’s easily overlooked as a place of ministry. And this business of hospitality that lies at the heart of Christian mission, it’s a very ordinary thing; it’s not rocket science nor is it terribly glamourous. Yet it is the very ordinariness of the table and of the ministry we exercise there that renders these elements of Christian life so important to the mission of the church…Most of what you do as a community of hospitality will go unnoticed and unrecognized. At base, hospitality is about providing a space for God’s Spirit to move. Setting a table, cooking a meal, washing the dishes is the  ministry of facilitation: providing a context in which people feel loved and welcome and where God’s Spirit can be at work in their lives. Hospitality is a very ordinary business, but in its ordinariness is its real worth.

…Meals bring mission into the ordinary. But that’s where most people are – living in the ordinary. That’s where we need to go to reach them. We too readily think of mission as extraordinary.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

A young couple shared meals regularly with me when I was in high school. They taught me so much about the gospel and the love of Christ through doing so, through sharing their life with me – their time, their food, their hearts…

A Meal With Jesus lays out clearly how Jesus came “eating and drinking.” We’re called to be like Him. We’re called to do the same. Read this book!