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Oh man. Mike took a picture of our meal tonight and it just didn’t do it justice! I made Mediterranean quinoa for the first time tonight. Yum, yum, triple yum. I had so much fun making this healthy dinner in my new kitchen tonight. I had a glass of wine, cranked Miles Davis, and went to town. The recipe came from my “Feeding the Whole Family” cookbook. Some of the yummy ingredients? Quinoa, of course. Mint, Italian parsley, fresh lemon juice, currants, feta, and green onions. I served with a salad, homemade miso dressing, and crusty bread (which I vow will be the last store-bought dinner bread I buy! Too expensive!). Mike made a table for our kitchen and we ate there tonight with our pretty white plates. And guess what else? I made extra quinoa and have a starter dough fermenting for a couple loaves of whole grain bread I’m going to attempt to make tomorrow. Woot! Loving my new kitchen, can you tell?


Yep, the Furubotten’s are on the move. Where, you wonder? Patience, my friends. This is something God’s been teaching me (painfully) over the past six months or so, so I pass it on to you. Ha ha! I do share that change is in the works mostly to ask for your prayers in the coming chapter in our life. In my life. God planted the idea of a particular place in our hearts a little over a year ago. I’m guessing I needed that long to finally give in to it. And now, I’m ready. Ready to go. Ready for a new adventure. But I’m a little nervous and still a little hesitant. Not bad things, really, though I do wish I were more resolved. It’s funny…Mike and I have moved seven times in our eight years of marriage. Be it across the state, or to an upstairs apartment from the downstairs. People. It’s all about people. Sure, God’s moving us to a very specific place, but when we get there, life will still be about people. We’ll be in a new city and we’ll love that city and it’ll be our city, but at the end of the day, what’s most important is how we first love God, and second, how we love the people he puts in our life. The difference with this move then the past seven though is that we have THREE babies now. It feels like such a game changer moving with kids. Mike and I were talking tonight about how we’ve moved in the past and have been super bold about how we went about it. We were wondering what’s different this time. Even why we haven’t just moved already? And we realized we just want to go a little slower this time. Be a little more sure. It’s silly really. The God who moved us to three different cities since we’ve been married, who gave us a place to live and at least two job offers within a couple days of moving to town – that same God is moving us again. Isn’t that funny? Every time we moved we moved without a job. Without financial security. We just moved because we knew God wanted us in a specific place. We trusted he’d provide for us. And he did. Every time. And here we are, teetering on the edge. Yep. Teetering. Teetering away. We’re making progress though, and I really look forward to sharing with you (all two of you who still read this blog that I never write on) our next adventure. For those of you who pray to a mighty King Jesus in heaven, please pray for me. I waver something ridiculous, and I’m honestly sick of it. Resolved. Yes! That’s what I want. Pray for THAT! Boo-yah.

On another note, life as a mama of three little boys is gooooooood. I spent a good long while reading books with Benny and Jude today, snuggled under the coziest blanket in the house. I love how Jude has to touch my hand when we’re reading together. And I love the challenge of reading in such a way that Benny will actually remain on the couch. Even if he’s sitting still, his eyes move every which way. I wish I could see in that little brain of his. Granted, Mike was just gone for three days and it was a little intense. They missed their dad and….so did I. It’s a lot of work putting the boys down alone and all of that. Mike’s the one who usually does that business. Anyway, regardless, he’s home now and all is right with the world. He’s a good man, my Mike. A great man.

I’m trying to think of anything else…… Jude turned four. I was pretty emotional on his birthday because I realized that my next party to plan is Si’s! He’s going to be ONE! How did that happen? You’re probably all in shock that I’m not pregnant already. Hahahahahahahahaha! Well, I’m definitely not, in case any of you wanted to know. Poor Silas. If we don’t have any more, I’m going to be holding him like he’s my little baby when he’s five. Maybe even sixteen, who knows.

Alright then. This posts turning into a long one about nothing. So glad we got a chance to reconnect, my loyal readers! Much love, much love.

This may seem a bit odd, but as I mentioned in my last post, Mike and I have moved our bedroom into the living room. You’re probably picturing our queen size bed set up next to the couch. No, no, no. We bought an IKEA hide-a-bed on Craigslist and pull it out each night. I wasn’t too sure how I would like it at first – the pulling it out and making it every night bit – but it isn’t too bad, I tell you the truth. We live in a two-bedroom with probably the best possible layout you could think for entertaining large groups, dinner parties, etc. But unfortunately, the two bedroom part limits our overnight guests. Problem solved! After switching the bedrooms around and adding another couch to our living room, our little place just got that much bigger. Here are the benefits I’ve noticed so far:

  • The older boys now have the master bedroom which means a whole new place to PLAY! They have as much floor space now in their bedroom as they do in the living room/dining area.
  • We have a GUEST ROOM! (Come stay with us!) In the smaller room, we removed the closet doors and put Si’s crib in there. It’s a perfect fit. I plan on buying some super clearance, extra tall curtains from IKEA and using a shower curtain rod I have on hand to make the closet a little “room.” The “room” will only be closed when we have guests because on those nights, baby Si will sleep with the big boys. (We’ll just hope for the best. He is a super duper duper light sleeper.)
  • Si’s room, when not used for guests, is now my “laundry room.” All y’all with kids know that laundry is an insane fact of life. It’s over the top. It never ceases. It can easily get out of control! And in our family – it often does. What I usually end up doing every week is all my laundry in one shot. That means for at least a day or two – depending on how quickly I put everything away – my living room is overtaken with folded laundry…and piles of laundry waiting to be folded. Now I can pile the clean laundry on the guest bed and fold it and put it away with ease, never having to worry about moving it aside when a neighbor or friend drops in unannounced. (This happens often. Very often. I love it.) On the flip side, this new “laundry room” could be dangerous and forever piled with clean clothes. Oh well.
  • We have more seating in our living room! Five people fit on our new sofa!
  • Our IKEA sofa was 1/3 of the full price and it was only used a handful of times!
  • Our IKEA sofa is also really comfortable. If you’ve never been to our place, well, to us it feels kind of like a cabin. Especially in the winter. We live in the downstairs unit of a duplex. We have a little back yard and deck and surrounding the back area are all trees. It’s wonderful. We have our “bed” up against the window and have just loved sleeping with the windows open. Mike has, several times, referred to our new living arrangement kind of like staying in a bed and breakfast. I’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast before, but from the way he describes it, they’re very cozy.
     Here’s the crazy thing about Issaquah. We started looking for a bigger place. One with a yard and a garage. So, a house. Guess how much more it costs to move from a two-bedroom duplex to a three-bedroom house? Anywhere between $600-$1000!!!!! That’s just not in the cards for us at this stage of life. We started asking ourselves if this little place could work for a while longer. Could we fit another baby in here, possibly? Could we create more room for our wild and crazy boys to play when the rain just.won’t.stop? Could we accommodate guests comfortably, without having to put them in the living room only to be woken up anywhere between 5 and 6am each evening they stay with us because our kids are such early risers? Do we love the street we live on and all of our amazing neighbors? Do we love being able to keep the van parked for an entire week if need be and still go out and about because downtown Issaquah is just a few blocks away? yes, Yes, YES!!!
     We still have no idea what the future holds for our family. Will we remain in Issaquah? Will God send us elsewhere? Only time will tell. In the meantime, our little home is a blessed home indeed.
     Thank you, Jesus, for the joy You bring to every.single.thing. My contentment comes from all You offer from Your hand. And all I have not, I do not need. I trust You. I cling to You. I surrender our plans to You and offer my humble little home to be used to glorify You and make much of You.

December wasn’t as good of a month as November – coupon wise, for sure. Though I did stay under budget. The craziness of the month kept me from keeping a very good log of my purchases though. There won’t be any money going into my Adoption Fund for December, and that’s okay. It’s a new month. I’ve learned that I can easily keep my entire grocery budget (including non-food items) under $400 a month, but if I want to put money away into my special savings account and get my budget closer to $300, it definitely takes more time. And it involves going to more than one store too. I haven’t had much energy to haul the kiddo’s around lately, and that’s okay too. Michael’s been awesome about going to the grocery store in the evenings, armed with a detailed list and coupons. What a guy. We’re in this together and he’s been so helpful.

On another note, my quickbooks crashed a couple days ago. I chalk it up to God’s providence that I entered everything for 2010 into our computer on December 31st and printed a report. That’s all I’ve got for tax season this year. And I only did my taxes early because this new little man is coming and I really didn’t want to be overwhelmed with tax stuff after he arrived. So glad I did! There will still be some difficulties getting our return prepared without the detail, but oh well. At least I didn’t lose it all before I printed the report. Phew. Actually, double phew.

We gather with a group of friends every week to celebrate Jesus and how crazy it is that he calls such different people to unite around his gospel. We’ve been pretty hit and miss about getting together since just before Thanksgiving so it was really nice to see everyone together again and plan when we’ll meet regularly again. We used to meet at our house every week, and will now meet wherever the person who’s making the meal lives. Sounds great to me!

I think probably every day I ask myself if I can really do this – raise three boys. Not so much raise them, but…function. I absolutely hate being in survival mode. Do you know what I mean? When the day seems long, reallllly long. When my patience is low and I’m short with my family. When I just can’t wait for the day to be over. It can be pretty difficult sometimes, chasing after these little rascals. But I know that all it takes is a change in perspective to switch from survival mode to accepting the day as God grants it. He doesn’t call me to simply survive the day, but to train these boys to become men, to be an example of grace, and to wholeheartedly love them as Christ loves me. As He’s lead us to have these sweet little guys, He’ll provide patience and stamina and perseverance too. He’s that good. Again, another double phew.

I’ve been on a super organizing kick. Nesting? I’d say yes if I hadn’t started a couple of months ago. I might just be manic. My office, the craft closet, the linen closet, the boys’ closet – and yesterday, my dish cupboards in the kitchen. No, I don’t have the energy, but I’ve been a crazy woman anyway. It is so hard for me to just sit down. Maybe that aspect of my personality is what will help me along with these three beauties. Maybe.

It’s Tuesday…and still no baby. All this preparing for him to come early has made my pregnancy seem extra long. Baby #3 is now later than Benny was and is quickly approaching how early Jude was born (10 days). Will he just come already? :)

Happy Tuesday friends!

Well, made another trip to the hospital this week. I was up all night with contractions that at first didn’t seem like a big deal, but then they got regular. 10 minutes apart regular. But by the time I got to the hospital, I started wondering if I imagined the whole night. (I was up the whole night and finally called my doctor at 5am.) Maybe I’m just paranoid? Probably a little. I didn’t have any contractions with Jude before I went to the hospital and my first ones with Benny resulted in his birth the following day. Each pregnancy has definitely been different… I’ve been noticing the last couple days when I have a contraction, but they aren’t regular so I’m calling them normal business. I’m definitely ready to have him though. Haven’t slept the last three nights… I’m going on and on about my pregnancy woes, aren’t I? It’s not all bad. Just trying to take it easy and not freak that I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. (Just stocking stuffer stuff for the boys.)

Christmas will be here before we know it and I really hope we won’t have to spend Christmas Eve at home. We’ll just have to see how things go.

That’s my report for today! Still couponing it up, just not as much this month as I officially wear myself out when I go out with the boys. Mostly just the lifting them in and out of the cart – which I’m not supposed to do. Mike’s been a dear and has headed to the grocery store a couple of times armed with an envelope of coupons. What a brave soul.


It’s 6:21 am. I’ve been up since 4:38am. Oh boy.

I LOVE ripping off an old month on my desk calendar. Love it! (I have a HUGE office-type wall calendar hanging in my office.) Usually, the month is free and clear and ready to be filled in with fun things to do, people to see, places to go. But as I just ripped off September, it looks like the month is already off to a busy start. Here’s the progression of things I’m looking forward to in the coming months:

  • A coupon class!
  • Our SEVEN YEAR anniversary!
  • The possibility of attending a family birthday dinner in Aberdeen
  • Getting the boys all dressed up for Halloween and watching them knock on the neighborhood doors, gathering candy (mostly for me!)
  • Jude will be THREE!
  • Finally going to the symphony at Benaroya Hall!
  • One-day training at Soma School in Tacoma
  • Family Thanksgiving weekend in Leavenworth!
  • Thanksgiving
  • Neighborhood Christmas Party
  • Christmas Day dinner spent with my mom and three sisters – at MY HOUSE!!!
  • Then, sadly, I’ll be THIRTY!
  • But then…………………………………..We’ll have a NEW BABY!

Time’s going to fly from here on out. And these are just the penciled in items between now and January. Looking forward to a ladies night out, making all my christmas gifts, sewing jammies for my boys, and decorating a beautiful christmas tree.

Welcoming a change in season,


This has been a week for the books. Now that I’m finally feeling better after three days of being dreadfully ill, I’ll be lucky if my boys are germ free tomorrow morning to make it to church. I feel just well enough to go myself, but they’ve been acting a little funny (and are already in bed by 7pm – a telltale sign) so we’ll see what the morning brings. Michael’s been super busy this week, with all exciting things that I look forward to sharing with you as our church planting adventure progresses. I mentioned earlier this week that life has been a little emotional for me, but c’est la vie. What this week has made me think about most, and what I’m doing my best to remember, is that sanctification can be an ugly, beautiful thing.

This week has been filled with reminders of where my character needs work – in all areas of my life: marriage, friendships, parenting… But it’s also been filled with reminders of God’s grace for me and how he has lovingly shaped me and molded me to be a different woman than I was, say, a year ago. And thankfully, even seven years ago, when this whole Jesus business became real to me. There is so much hope in Jesus. If everything passes through his fingers – everything that’s happened this week – then it’s all for my good. One of my favorite quotes is from Samuel Rutherford:

I bless the Lord, that all our troubles come through Christ’s fingers, and that he casteth sugar among them: and casteth in some ounce weights of heaven and of the spirit of glory in our cup.

Carry on, sweet Jesus! Thank you for making trials sweet.

Man I feel like I got kicked around today, from all sides: kids, friends… And now I’m trying not to do what I usually do when my emotions are a bit frayed – dwell. Do you do this? Do you stew? I feel like I’m better at letting things go than I used to be, for sure, but when life gets personal (I guess, shouldn’t it all be personal anyway?) I am such a softy. Regardless of who’s wrong or right, I want to make things right. Not appease, but have peace. Praying for that this evening. And thankful for a dear friend who really knows me, who can ask me the tough questions, probe my heart, and pray. Despite the day, I’m thankful…and seriously missing my husband! He goes to work and I’m like, “No! Please don’t leave me!” :) I guess that’s what vacation does to ya. Dreamy, that husband of mine. Thankful he knows me so well too and I can rely on him to help me through harsh words and my own inadequacies.

Wishing I had ice cream,


A friend of mine just posted this on her blog about recognizing our imperfections, yet still joyfully serving our families and loved ones. I’ve added Keevy Korner to my bloglist. Be sure to check in with her periodically. She has a beautiful family and a heart of gold (all glory to Jesus).


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